What we do

We take your brand’s visibility to the highest level through sponsorships, product placement, and collaborations.

We like to consider ourselves strategic partners in the professional field who, through communication strategies and public relations techniques, seek to improve brand visibility, its competitiveness and success.

We are partners in adventures and we lead the brand to find its synergy with other brands. Our approach is based on creating links, connections and collaborations that allow us to build unique experiences.

We accompany brands and listen to them in order to understand their needs and offer the solution that best suits them.

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How Lafontena began

LAFONTELA was born with the need to give fluidity to a professional background and an expertise that aims to give the best of itself to bring out the best of brands.


We help companies by contributing to the improvement of their brand’s competitiveness and visibility in the business environment through communication and collaboration strategies based on the synergy and connection between different realities.


To be recognized as a strategic partner in offering unique solutions and opportunities for communication and collaboration between brands to increase visibility and competitiveness.


Honesty and Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Responsibility, Passion, Teamwork, Collaboration…

About Lafontela

Lafontela seeks synergy and collaboration between brands. It analyzes, searches and MAKES connections that take your brand to a higher level.

What makes us tick

It is based on the creation of links, connections and collaborations that allow us to create unique experiences. Lafontela accompanies brands and listens to them to understand their needs and offer the solution that best suits them.

Our work

Lafontela is the audacity, the boldness, the daring, the connection, the synergy, going hand in hand, the reliability and seriousness of a job well done, always enjoying what we do. At Lafontela we firmly believe in enjoying what we do, bringing excellence to the work we do to boost our clients’ brand image.

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